Avento & Avento Sales and Marketing is a business services company that offers a variety of services to manufacturers and retailers in the consumer products industry.

The service offerings consist of both headquarters and retail services including: consulting, headquarters business management, headquarters assist, category management, administration, space management, in-store merchandising, syndicated coverage, in-store execution team support, client specific projects and set/surge team participation.

The foundation of the company is built on our core Tenets:

  • Commitment to Excellence
  • Experience
  • Integrity
  • Focus
  • Flexibility
  • Strategic Execution
  • Relationships

When you combine our competencies and strengths with your brands the possibilities are limitless.

Our clients believe…

Quality representation is more important than an organization’s size and scope. We’re specialists in a world of generalists and our focus is on your core categories.

Our proven track record of building brands has translated into big profits for our clients and customers.